Here at Harborne Spa & Clinic we have partnered with a workshop in North Norfolk which is powered by 100% renewable energy. The team there, like us, are seriously worried about global heating and the massive loss of wildlife that we, as humans, are responsible for. All our products contain no plastic packaging. Recyclable glass, aluminium, bamboo and shredded wood are just some of the materials used. All products are palm oil free and we use 100% animal friendly ingredients.

Jademma…. the idea comes from bringing the spa home. It’s about continuing or recreating all the elements of a spa experience. From the aromas of essential oils to products used on you in treatment.  The name Jademma can be anyone…. it’s just about making that time for you and you, alone. To sit back and relax in a tranquil environment. It is so important for our well-being to allocate time for ourselves.

What our Clients are Saying:

“Loving the pedi cream as it smells lovely. A little goes a long way. Hand cream also smells gorgeous and makes my skin all silky and soft” Emily

Red clay Mask feels amazing on the skin. It detoxifies but does not dry the skin out. Has helped me with breakouts” Rochelle Hatton

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