Suffering from breakouts under your mask? How to fight ‘maskne’.

Who can believe it’s been near two years of being in a pandemic!

With wearing a mask mandatory for so long people are wondering how you fight what is now under the mask – skin irritation and acne.

The reason this happens is because masks cause heat & friction and when combined with a moist environment from breathing, talking or sweating, pores get clogged and break outs appear.

You can prevent this by…

  • Washing your face morning & night: Dermalogica Special cleansing gel is a gentle cleanser that doesn’t contain harsh fragrances.
  • Apply the correct moisturiser for your skin type: this will keep your skin hydrated & creates a barrier! Dermalogica Barrier repair is the perfect product to help reduce friction of the mask & skin.
  • Reduce the heavy makeup: wearing lots of makeup underneath the mask causes clogged pores. Wash your mask or use a clean disposable one each use.

We offer free skin consultations in which we carry out a skin consultation & analysis. We can recommend products & treatments which are all tailor-made to your skin type and concerns.

Please message us for any more information.

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