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Whether you need an uplifting boost after a long day, to cleanse your home or work environment or to relax & unwind before sleep – we have something for every mood with our range of atmosphere & linen mists. Each made using blends of natural and organic essential oils.

Scents available:

• Calming – helps to create a relaxing, calming and grounding atmosphere.

• Cleanse – helps to create a refreshing, soothing and cleansed atmosphere.

• Pause – helps to create a balancing, uplifting and nurturing atmosphere.

• Awaken – helps to create an energising, refreshing and uplifting atmosphere.

• Sleepy – with a blend of soothing essential oils to unwind the mind before a peaceful night’s sleep.

Directions: Generously mist the air around you or spray onto linens to enjoy the therapeutic benefits our essential oil blend. Shake well before use. Always patch test before spraying onto fabrics.

Packaging: 100ml amber glass bottle with spray pump lid. Also available in an eco-refill option.

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