If you follow us on social media, you will often hear us shouting about Eve Taylor skincare; after recently starting to use the brand we absolutely love it & so do our clients.

When we looked for brands to work we wanted to work with a company that aligned with our own values and ethics, but also a company that had a passion for natural, effective, aromatherapy skincare products. We stumbled across Eve Taylor products. 


– The Power of Aromatherapy –

For Eve Taylor London, essential oil is where it all began. They specialise in creating 100% natural oil blends that positively enhance skin and wellbeing. Botanicals are hand-harvested and distilled within hours, before being blended by hand, to create the freshest, most potent essential oils.

Their powerful botanical essences and the amazing benefits they bring set their products apart. Essential oils are the planet’s purest ingredients, derived from nature’s plants, including flowers, leaves, roots, bark and peel. Not only do they smell incredible, but they can also restore balance to the skin and mind.

These unique aromatherapy blends combined with powerful products enable you to offer sensorial treatments that can soothe or uplift, invigorate or replenish. Versatile and result focussed treatments will leave skin feeling pampered and your wellbeing enhanced.


– Values –

We know it is to find an effective skincare brand that suits your skin as well as your ethical values…

Eve Taylor are a family-run, UK business of more than 50 years. Their essential oils are 100% natural and sustainably sourced.

Animal testing – Eve Taylor products are tested only on willing humans and the majority of our range is vegan-friendly.

All Eve Taylor packaging is recyclable, and they work with Trees for the Future to plant one tree for every retail product sold, they have pledged to plant a minimum of 100,000 trees per year.


– Still need convincing? –

Why not book with us and try for yourself! 


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