Our hydrofacial device combines powerful exfoliation, cleansing, hydrating & skin resurfacing that leaves the skin hydrated, looking brighter, smoother & rejuvenated. 

The NU  Hydro facial has been developed to offer the complete facial experience. Targeting an array of concerns including dehydration, ageing, blocked pores, dullness, dry & dead skin cells. 

Hydro facial uses water, oxygen and cleansing products to cleanse and exfoliate the skin without any abrasive equipment or technology. By using this action we are able to hydrate the skin at a deeper level to achieve optimum healthier skin.

The Hydrofacial 6 steps include:
Ultrasonic – this is a device that uses a gentle vibration to encourage debris/blackheads out of the pores to be wiped away.
Hydrodermabrasion – this device uses a vacuum suction to remove debris that is deep within the layers of the skin whilst plumping the skin with hydrating/nourishing and brightening serums.
Thermal hammer – By using a light circular motion this uses heat technology and radio frequency to push the collagen gel applied deep into the layers of the skin. The radio frequency is great anti-ageing as this not only has a tightening effect but a cleansing effect too.
Radio frequency – a smaller device is applied to the skin around the eye area again tightening the skin and pushing product deep into the pores.
Plasma – A device containing Hyaluronic acid is then applied to the skin using a light current to push the hyaluronic acid deep into the skin.
The Hammer – Using the hammer again but this time with the cooling temperature to close the pores and help reduce any redness that may have appeared.
Each step helps to replenish the skin, leaving it hydrated and glowing.

Skin packages available NOW!

One Hour Full Hydro Facial is £85

Express 30 Minutes Hydro Facial is £60

Courses of full hour facials:

x3 is £199

x6 is £357 

Please note: Your skin may experience temporary irritation, tightness and redness, which usually dissipates within 72 hours depending on skin sensitivity.
Contraindications- We cannot perform this service if the answer is YES to any of the conditions below
-Autoimmune diseases, HIV, lupus, hepatits
-Active infection in the treatment area
-Melanoma or lesions suspected of malignancy
-Active sunburn
-Very thin skin
Please wait 7 days after having filler 
Please wait 7-10 days after having Botox
Please wait 30 days after having chemical peel

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